Thank you so much for checking us out!


Top Tips

We always play a double feature, so stick around if you want to see the second movie on  your screen!

Bring blankets and chairs so you can kick your feet out or lay down while you enjoy the movie. It tends to get cooler when the sun comes down, so bring something to snuggle up in.

If you're sitting on the back of your truck, or outside, consider renting one of our radios so that you can hear the movie better.

Take a moment to make sure all of your lights are off before the show starts.

If you cannot get all of your lights off, turn off your vehicle, set your lights to the lowest setting, apply your emergency break, remove the key, and then restart your car. If this doesn't work, please see someone in concessions. 

The white building on screen 1 is the Concessions Stand. It contains the Restaurant, the Restrooms, and the Radios.

Loud engines such as diesel, or modified mufflers will be asked to move. 

Instead of banning it completely like a normal theater, we charge $20 per vehicle to bring your own food or drinks. 

If you are in a truck or SUV, you should not park on the front row due to the height of your vehicle and may be asked to move. This also applies to lifted vehicles.

If your vehicle is moving, your headlights need to be on. If your vehicle is not moving, all lights should be off. No exceptions.

If you bring flashlights, please be careful with where they are pointed when they are turned on.

Bring a frisbee or a soccer ball. There are a lot of kids here for your young ones to play with!

If you plan to eat dinner with us (you should, its excellent) remember to arrive 90 minutes early to give yourself time to eat, order, and get settled down before the shows start.

To expedite entry, the box office does not accept cards for payment. Please have payment ready when you arrive. If you forget, you will be given an invoice to  pay in concessions.

Pets are allowed at the drive in so long as they are leashed, cleaned up after, and quiet during the show.