1. Retain your ticket. Keep your ticket on you.
 2. There is no re-entry. If you leave, you must pay to come back in.
 3. Speed limit is 5mph. Watch out for children . Violators will leave without refund.
 4. Use headlights when moving. Keep them off while parked!!!!!
 5. As in all Drive Ins, no Trucks on first row. SUV's and Vans must tie their lift gates no higher than roof line.

6. Apply your parking brake.
7. No glass or cans. Plastic and paper only.
8. Keep your language PG rated and your radio tuned to our station while on our property.
9. Park within 1 foot of white post. Two cars park between the posts. Do  not use more than 1 car space. Place blankets and chairs in front of  vehicle.
10. Keep your eyes on your children. Please make sure your children are in sight.
12. Shoes are required on property.
13. We are not liable or any way responsible for any accidents or injuries.
14. Put your garbage into the containers located on all 4 sides of our concession stand.
15. No open flames or fireworks.
16. No grilling.
17. If you are going to have engine on, with normal mufflers, park in  back away from people. Gas fumes and engine noise are not pleasant to  others. Diesels with engines on in back field.
18. Use of laser pointers will be grounds for ejection.
19. If you wish to bring your own food, food  permits are available. $20.00. Concessions sales support the Theatre. If you don't eat here, we won't be here!
20. We recommend that you arrive at least 1 hour before show starts.
21. Take care of business at home, there is no lovers lane.
22. No alcohol.
23. This is a secured area, violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.