Our History



The Drive In, with only its original screen, opened for its first season in 1945 and played until 1955 under the eyes of Olin Turner.  Pete Zouras took over in 1955 and replaced the screen with a new state-of- the-art Screen Tower. Just in time to play Walking Tall! Pete stayed until the mid 1980's.  It's a point of pride to us to know that Pete never played an "X" rated movie at this drive in, and instead chose to close with a showing of King Kong. The Screen remained dark until the summer of 1999 when it ran for 4 or 5 weeks. The highlight of that run was a showing of Will Smith's Wild Wild West. Unfortunately, the drive in went dark again after that.

Then, along came Tommy and Carolyn (Mom and Pop). They had been in the restaurant business for 27 years when on the way to work in 2007, they noticed some profanity sprayed onto the sign. After covering up the profanity, they saw what terrible condition the drive in was in, and decided to call the owners to see what the trouble was! The owner came over and after a ten cent tour they went on about their day, but a dream had planted its seed in their minds. 3 months later, the renovation began, and went on for almost a year. In 2009 the drive in opened again and has been playing movies ever since. In 2011, the second screen was added. In 2014, the drive in successfully managed to convert to digital projection and sound! In 2015, we added a third screen! In 2017, we put the patio over the concessions stand. In 2018, we expanded the women's bathroom to double its previous capacity! This year, we've begun work on sprucing up the men's restrooms.